Sharon Potts Physical Therapist - Helping you move and feel better than ever
Whether you have headaches, knee pain, a tight shoulder or back pain, I would like to help you move and feel better.  Physical therapy is more than massage and hot packs--it is so much more.  I believe that to feel better you must learn how to care for yourself better.  Whether it is by using ice after work or learning how to properly sit at your computer, you can be the key to feeling better. 
That is not to say that physical therapy is all about giving advice and sending you on your way--it is so much more.  Education about your condition is very important but so is the utilization of hands-on techniques.  Such techniques include therapeutic dry needling, mobilization, muscle energy, PNF(Proprioceptive Neuromuscular techniques) and yes, some soft tissue techniques.  Exercise on-site with guidance is also very important.  To move better, often muscles need to be retrained and strengthened.  No mindless exercise here-we want the muscles to move joints as they were intended to move.  To do this, it takes a lot of concentration and attention to improve the performance of  muscles so they can better support your joints.  As you start to move the joints with the appropriate alignment and muscle pull--change occurs.  There is less irritation to the muslces and joints-You feel better! 
My office is located off of Riva Road in the Suite at 304 B Harry S. Truman Parkway in Annapolis, Maryland.

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