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It has been way too long since my first and only blog. I apologize. The daily activity of treating and billing and regular life hinders my blogging. I sit down with a drained brain and my blog ideas are blah. But I am going to try to just share observations that I hope may help people gain insight about PT, moving and caring for their bodies.

Each individual brings to the session their physical make up, their perceptions of what to expect and their own history. Some clients come to therapy wanting a quick fix. Maybe they have seen another therapist who has taken away the pain in one visit or maybe they have had an injection that worked instantaneously. This sets the stage for a desire for "fix it now". But if it is a return issue-should not the source of the problem be addressed? Sitting too long...over-exercising......or bending over too much...or dare I say hunching over the cellphone too much-to name a few examples.

It is so important to change posturing, movement patterns and habits. The body has its limits. Change allows for reduced strain on whatever tissue is taking the brunt of the problematic habit. Change may mean stopping a certain behavior or changing how it is done or maybe just taking more breaks. Change may require specific exercises to equip the individual. It is a process that is different for each client.

As a PT, I can only do so much with my hands and techniques-the rest is up to the client no matter what his/her physical make-up, perceptions or history. Each client gets to the place of change and improvement at a different pace.

If you are in therapy and feeling discouraged-ask questions, do your home program and pay attention to what your body is telling you-keep persisting. It is possible to change-Take heart and stay the course!

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